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What Is 10 Dollar Miracle – Review

What Is 10 Dollar Miracle – Review


My simplified (short version) of 10 dollar miracle:

As a member you get a fully automated website replicated just like: Click Here

* There is no hidden or extra fees, you’ll get a website 100% ready.

* You don’t have to but it is optional to get a domain name.

* Nor do you have to worry about hosting, you won’t need it.

You’ll have the opportunity to gain access as a member to large library of digital products (which are downloadable, which new products will be added all the time.

The part of making money is this: (remember this is an unlimited income potential) You’ll either make $10 or $100 instant cash paid into your paypal per.

However the $10 sale that you make will become residual income for the coming months (for as long as they maintain their monthly membership.)

As for the $100 it is a one-time paid.

So if someone gets their membership through you and pays a one-time $100, that person just paid a LIFETIME membership, so you won’t be receiving any monthly residual from this member.

You’ll also be supplied with a members area that is password protected to get the tools and information to promote well with this biz.

This is also where you will find your access to the: “Library Of Digital Products”.

Lots of simplified info that’s even great for a newbie.

So mainly alot of what you’ll be doing is the easy part of posting pre-written ads or be creative and create your own here on fb or other websites…you’ll get more info on that in the members area.

Facebook is good if you post in groups, of course if it’s related to making money, business opportunities, or free advertising.

I have created a group, it’s still new but growing by the day. Majority of our group is made up of individuals that are members of 10 Dollar Miracle and the others are interested, which most eventually will join. 10 Dollar Miracle Members of the group are there to ensure everyone’s growth with precision and prosperity. “That is who we are and why our group exists.”

Together we (group) can be an asset to one another and also build relationships with those who we involve ourselves through business(es) and/or to build new friendships along the way.

If you are at all interested in being a part of our facebook group with an interest in 10 Dollar Miracle. Here is our group link: Join Facebook Group!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask! 😀



10 Dollar Miracle


This is even BETTER!

First off I pretty sure you have heard of 5 Dollar Wonder. As soon as it got out, people we’re flocking to this great opportunity because of it’s affordable, great products, and income generating in instant cash payments. Not that it only would be instant cash payments, but this little 5 dollar wonder would also create residual income! If you would like to get a closer look at my review on 5 dollar wonder, you should take a look at my previous presses.

Anyhow…. This press isn’t about 5 dollar wonder anymore. It’s about another income opportunity that is out now and is very much similar to the 5 dollar wonder, but creates better profitability and means higher residuals and instant cash in your paypal account. ===> http://trck.me/fullyautomated

Another great thing I must say is different that you don’t get with 5 dollar wonder is…

If you become a member of 10 dollar miralce, it comes with full one-on-one support and +one-on-one skype coaching if you don’t make a sale or break even within 14 days!

It is said that if you can put atleast 10-30 minutes of your time each night copying and pasting prewritten ads on a few websites (if you don’t know of any, you will be provided with sites), then go about your way, perhaps go to bed…Wouldn’t it be such a great feeling to wake up to see that you got money in your account resulting from your efforts that produced sales while you were asleep?

Income Potential:

You get to earn $10/monthly and that’s residual income per new sale (it adds up.)

You get to earn $100/once and that’s per new sale (it adds up.)

The $10 is a monthly membership

The $100 is a lifetime membership (best choice if you’re not a monthly membership type of person.)

What could those $10 sales look like:

2 Daily Sales = $600 per month in RESIDUAL income
5 Daily Sales = $1500 per month in RESIDUAL income
10 Daily Sales = $3000 per month in RESIDUAL income
20 Daily Sales = $6000 per month in RESIDUAL income

Could you use the extra income?

===> http://trck.me/fullyautomated

Well, this is just a short press on 10 dollar miracle. I will do another press soon. If you would like a bit more detailed info on this great opportunity. Check out the website: ===> http://trck.me/fullyautomated